Why "Topo"?

The name Topo is short for Topography. 

When preparing for a challenging hike, expedition, or rock climb, it is essential to have "good topo" — or a trusted, topographic map of the route. 

Good topo enables the explorer to plan ahead, to pack accordingly, and to stay on track. Good topo creates confidence, and allows you to push yourself beyond your perceived limits. 

But, good topo doesn't ultimately finish the hike, weather the storms, or climb the mountain. Even with your trusted map, you and you alone must complete the journey by relying on your determination, instincts, judgment, and wits. 

We consider our work at Topo Group similarly. We partner closely with you to create a trusted map of where you and your company can go. Together, we help you plan your route. We provide clarity, define goals, accelerate processes, figure out resourcing, and instill you and your team with the capabilities and confidence to push into the unknown.

But, good topo isn't the outcome, it's a guide. We understand that, and know that the ultimate journey is up to you and your team. That's why we work hard to build lasting outcomes and capabilities in your team so that your organization can eventually create its own maps.