We help teams and individuals to be in flow.


When you're in flow, or "in the zone," you're at your best. Work is efficient, innovative, and joyful. Yet, for many, maintaining a steady flow state is elusive. That's where we come in. We use proven practices to empower you and your organizations to be nimbler, more productive, and more in sync.



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Deep dive support for fast-growing teams on your most pressing organizational challenges.


Practical workshops on a variety of topics. Leave with new skills, inspiration, and accountability.


Executive coaching for leaders who value performance and authenticity.


About Maria


Maria Lambert Bridge

Creator of Topo Group

I created Topo Group because throughout my career I saw countless organizations — big and small — thwarted from reaching their full potential. Often these companies were filled with bright, ambitious, and earnest employees. So why were the organizations so out of flow?

My work with Topo Group is dedicated to empowering organizations and individuals to get back into sync. I've applied a similar approach and practices with Fortune 500s and start ups, founders and corporate types. The results have been consistently inspiring. I hope to share my work with you. May you and your organization find fulfillment, joy, and ease.

Professional background: Stanford MBA, Stanford d.school, Bain & Company Manager, Warby Parker, sweetgreen

Personal work: Advisor at Koru Mindfulness, creator Mind Matters Most, occasional mindfulness teacher, creator 10 Principles Project, creator Tiny Tweaks